rebar-1As an SRE foundation, RackN Digital Rebar embraces operator choice and heterogeneity; consequently, we are agnostic about applications and platforms that our customers choose to adopt.  We encourage operators to mix infrastructure vendors, configuration tools, and operating system.

The pace of innovation demands that SREs remain flexible about change within their environment and RackN is committed to helping customers through those transitions.

RackN Digital Rebar is Platform Agnostic

kubernetesopenstack-logo-verticalBased on community requests, we have been very active in both the Kubernetes and the OpenStack on Kubernetes community activity. We believe in these efforts and also know that companies needs and interests are constantly shifting.

Using Digital Rebar, we have been able to deploy a wide range of workloads including Kubernetes, Mesos DC/OS, Cloud Foundry, Docker Swarm, OpenStack and Ceph and support operator integrations with Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Terraform.