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A non-commercial series of discussions with global industry leaders in Edge, DevOps, Security, Open Source and more.

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Gideon Rottem from Deeyook on their Patented Positioning Technology

Joining us this week is Gideon Rottem, CEO and Founder of Deeyook. About Deeyook Deeyook seeks to redefine location technology through its patented, wireless-based firmware solution. The firmware can be installed in any WIFI/4G/5G radio access technology and it works by measuring angles of wireless transmissions, a first of its kind in the world of...

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Interstitial on Podcast and Online Events

Rob and Stephen discuss the latest doings with the L8istSh9y podcast with a call-out for new participants as well as a few thoughts on the current trend of online events.

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Ohad Maislish of env0 on extending Infrastructure as Code to the Broader Organization

Joining us this week is Ohad Maislish, CEO and Co-Founder of env0. About env0 We started env0 in 2018 with the goal of helping extend the power of Infrastructure as Code to everyone on the team. We found the IaC frameworks are too focused on the purely technical elements of deploying infrastructure and missed the...

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Chris Short from Red Hat talks Operators and Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Chris Short, Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat. Chris is also a Cloud Native Ambassador at CNCF as well as the author or DevOps’ish & KubeWeekly.

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Joe Duffy at Pulumi on Modern Infrastructure as Code Systems

Joining us this week is Joe Duffy, CEO and Co-Founder of Pulumi. About Pulumi Pulumi’s Modern Infrastructure as Code platform provides superpowers for teams to manage any cloud using their favorite languages. Organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Global 2000, have chosen Pulumi for their cloud transformation and modernization needs. Pulumi is based...

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Simon Crosby of Swim.ai Upends Our Thinking on Edge and Developing Apps for the Edge

This weeks guest is Simon Crosby, CTO at Swim.ai. About Swim.ai Swim was founded in 2015 by the creators of the open source swimOS platform. We developed the Swim platform as the best way to build intelligent real-time apps, without worrying about distributed hardware infrastructure and constantly wrangling distributed state. Swim is based in Campbell,...

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Who We Are

The L8istSh9y podcast is a non-commercial series of discussions with global industry leaders in Edge, DevOps, Security, Open Source and more. Run by Stephen Spector (Edge Gravity by Ericsson) and Rob Hirschfeld (RackN) to share the latest technologies and ideas from industry thought leaders.

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