integratedManaging a server lab is a demanding job because the environment is in constant flux with many different stakeholders. The customer team needed a way to quickly and automatically build working deployments from bits and pieces of infrastructure. Not only was speed important, but creating a multi-tenant interface was essential. Lab users wanted full control including being able to reprovision and customize their equipment without calling lab technicians. RackN Digital Rebar provided all the features of a metal as a service (MaaS) system with the benefits of integrated application deployment.

In the lab automation workflow, lab managers can see all the available infrastructure and use a deployment wizard to assign and build end user labs on demand. As soon as deployment starts, the end users can monitor their allocated systems from a tenant view of the infrastructure. If the end user wants to change configuration options, they can modify the configuration and redeploy the cluster without help from the lab managers; however, the lab managers retain full visibility into the system to support customer requests.

RackN Digital Rebar hybrid capabilities make the lab fully automatic and elastic. The same wizard provisioning approach can be API driven from a webform with cloud based servers. That allows the customer to provide immediate results for their users even when the physical lab is fully engaged. This type of hybrid lab allows users to start working immediately and helps them prepare for their turn on the lab infrastructure. The RackN approach even allows them to maintain both cloud and physical deployments so users can focus on the customer’s applications instead of configuration and deployment.

With RackN lab automation with RackN Digital Rebar, the customer can focus on getting their software in their end user’s hands with less wait and more control. For the customer, they get better utilization of their lab environments.

test-driveRackN lets you focus on your customers instead of infrastructure.

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