deployCombining online and brick-and-mortar retail infrastructure is a significant hybrid IT challenge. That’s exactly where RackN was able to help identify the need to migrate from siloed virtual environments to containerized pipeline automation. Originally focused on using Amazon and OpenStack in parallel, the customer wanted to improve integration between development and production. The RackN solution was to use Kubernetes as an abstraction layer so that developers could focus on a uniform target.

Since RackN Digital Rebar allows provisioning on a broad range of infrastructure, the customer is able to use a consistent deployment on Amazon, OpenStack and bare metal infrastructure. That allows dev, test and production Kubernetes deployments to be fully automated and then integrated with the development pipeline. The RackN Digital Rebar API and event system integrates with customer workflows to ensure that builds are automatically triggered. Using the multi-deployment feature allows the customer Operations team to monitor and manage production, dev and test deployments from a single location with a single code base.

Using RackN open best practices helps the customer focus the automation tasks that are unique to their business while getting the latest versions and updates from the community. This is remarkable different than their multiple custom OpenStack deployments which could not be easily upgraded post installation.

test-driveWhen it comes to SREs reducing developer friction, RackN delivers big improvements.

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