provisionScale Operators order servers by the rack and expect them to be perfectly cabled and validated before initial boot. Before RackN Digital Rebar, that was a manual process that required days and was impossible to audit. Using RackN, the customer was able to cut total provisioning time to 4 hours with a fully automatic process. That’s an impressive improvement but only the beginning of the automation benefit.

RackN Digital Rebar automation is able to provide comprehensive burn-in and inventory of the system. If issues are detected then the team can be notified automatically via slack. As the system runs, data drives configuration reports for the customer. Those reports provide a chain of custody to validate the system configuration and firmware revision audit. If the end customer needs changes, Digial Rebar is able to handle BIOS/RAID upgrades on the spot.

Another RackN Digital Rebar feature, System Profiles, allows the customer to define common configurations for Operators and automatically apply them to systems matching known types. That further reduces manual interaction and helps ensure a uniform configuration.

Future stages would create a full factory to floor automation allowing Operators to pre-populate their field RackN Digital Rebar system with complete system profiles. That inventory would allow SRE teams to define service targets before the gear arrives. When booted, automation would validate the configuration and immediately being final provisioning. That type of integration allows systems to go immediately into production use.

test-driveRackN reduces manual effort and improves time to value for Operators.

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