While Digital Rebar is an integrated composable automation platform, RackN recommends starting your SRE journey with one immediate target.

By design, RackN is flexible about which workloads are deployed by the platform.  Want to learn more about Digital Rebar Workloads including Kubernetes and OpenStack?

Hybrid Deployment

Digital Rebar’s unique composable approach to deployment allows RackN to offer a wide range of platforms including Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos and OpenStack on both physical and cloud infrastructures.


  • Hybrid so you can mix cloud and physical systems with the same automation
  • Extensible so you can add your own custom steps without having to push them back into upstream.
  • Multi-tool DevOps allows you to mix Chef / Ansible / Bash / API calls into the same sequences.

Explore Other Aspects of Digital Rebar

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