Chris Short on SRE, DevSecOps, Pipelines, Immutability, and Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Chris Short, Senior DevOps Advocate, SJ Technologies. Chris is also a CNCF Ambassador managing an excellent newsletter, DevOps’ish.

• Site Reliability Engineering & DevOps relationship & philosophy
• SRE details in budgets, toil, and security
• Pipeline infrastructure, configuration management, and immutability
• Cultural aspects of DevOps
• Why Kubernetes? Ecosystems? Build for Kubernetes apps
• SaaS vs Licensing models (answer to all things software)

Christine Yen on 2nd Wave of DevOps and Listening to Users at a Startup

Joining us this week is Christine Yen, Co-founder at Honeycomb coming from a recording at SRECon Americas in March 2018 at Santa Clara Convention Center Hyatt.

• Understanding of what developer tools are today
• Observability vs Monitoring
• Instrumenting Apps for Diagnostics to help Developers do More
• Tool to build not just better engineers but teams as well to support customers
• Brief history of Honeycomb and where it came from (Parse and Facebook)
• How debug containers that are most likely gone by time problem arises?
• AI / Machine Learning – can it really help today?
• 2nd Wave of DevOps
• Impact of listening to users at a startup – people problems vs technology

Mark Imbriaco on SRE, Edge, and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Mark Imbriaco, Global CTO DevOps, Pivotal. Mark’s view of ops and open source from a platform perspective as it relates to SRE offers listeners a high-level approach to these concepts that is not often heard.

• Site Reliability Engineering – Introduction and Advanced Discussion
• Edge Computing from Platform View
• Open Source Projects vs Products and Sustainability
• Monetization of Open Source Matters

Justin Garrison on Cloud Native Infrastructure, Immutability, Observability and Much More

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Justin Garrison, co-author of Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI).

• Behind scenes for O’Reilly book and choice of cover animal
• Infrastructure and CNI approach
• State and Immutability / Immutable VM
• Terraform and Kubernetes
• Observability
• The Why of Immutability
• Infrastructure as Software (Netflix)
• Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps