Edge Infrastructure Talk Not Given at OpenStack Summit Berlin

Rob Hirschfeld was not able to attend the OpenStack Summit Berlin this November and present his talk on Edge Infrastructure. Instead, Rob has recorded his key messages about Edge Infrastructure focused on automation, limited access, and unskilled physical management.


Ash Young Talks Everything in your PC is IoT

Joining us this week is Ash Young, Chief Evangelist of Cachengo and OPNFV Ambassador. Cachengo builds smart, predictive storage for machine learning.

NOTE – We had a microphone problem that is solved at the 9 minute 19 second mark of the podcast. Start there if you find the clicking noise an issue

Ian Rae talks Cloud, Innovation, and Updates from Google Next 2018

Joining us this week is Ian Rae, CEO and Founder CloudOps who recorded the podcast during the Google Next conference in 2018.

Year of the Crawfish Recap and 2018 Predictions for Bare Metal, Virtualization, Edge and Serverless

Welcome to the final L8istSh9y Podcast for 2017 with a recap of Rob Hirschfeld’s predictions for 2017 (2016 Infrastructure Revolt makes 2017 the “year of the IT Escape Clause”) as well as a look ahead into 2018. Key topics covered in the podcast:

Hybrid is Reality; How do I Cope with it?
Site Reliability Engineering; People are Just Doing it
Bare Metal to Immutable Images
Virtualization Decline with Bare Metal Growth
2018 is not the Year of Serverless
Edge Computing Still Not Ready for Prime Time
OpenStack Foundation as Open Infrastructure Group