Open Source

Michael DeHaan on the new Vespene project and Open Source Licensing

Joining us this week is Michael DeHaan from, a modern, streamlined build and self-service automation platform.


  • Vespene Introduction ~ only 3 month old project
  • Open Source Licensing ~ is there a crisis?
  • How best to run an Open Source Project

IBM Purchases Red Hat – Our Thoughts

Discussion on the recent announcement that IBM is planning to acquire Red Hat.


Ash Young Talks Everything in your PC is IoT

Joining us this week is Ash Young, Chief Evangelist of Cachengo and OPNFV Ambassador. Cachengo builds smart, predictive storage for machine learning.

NOTE – We had a microphone problem that is solved at the 9 minute 19 second mark of the podcast. Start there if you find the clicking noise an issue

Ian Rae talks Cloud, Innovation, and Updates from Google Next 2018

Joining us this week is Ian Rae, CEO and Founder CloudOps who recorded the podcast during the Google Next conference in 2018.

Redis Lab Licensing Change to Common Clause

VM Brasseur from Open Source Initiative along with Rob Hirschfeld and Stephen Spector talk about the license announcement made by Redis Labs to add Common Clause ( to some of their software. Also discussed is the limited success of the Open Core business model.

Scott Lowe on Heptio, its Kubernetes Strategy and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Scott Lowe, Staff Field Engineer at Heptio recorded at Interop ITX 2018. Scott is well known for his impact on virtualization and VMware, follow him at his weblog and podcast called The Full Stack Journey.

• Coming new to container space and view of infrastructure within the stack
• Why he chose Heptio and its transition up the stack away from virtualization
• Heptio strategy? Open source based
• Commercial strategy to support open source in Kubernetes
• Monetization of open source projects challenges
• Building applications to run on “standard” Kubernetes

Blockchain Technology Partners on their Startup and Key Issues of Blockchain

Joining us this week is the team from Blockchain Technology Partners: Duncan-Johnston-Watt, Kevin O’Donnell, and Mike Zaccardo live from GlueCon 2018 in Colorado.

Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based technology startup:
• Mission – to radically simplify the enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies
• Goal – to reduce the cost and complexity of doing business through decentralization while ensuring trust, transparency and accountability in a distributed world
• Focus – providing a production-ready blockchain platform and partnering with businesses to deliver blockchain-based solutions

• Who is Blockchain Technology Partners and Company Objectives
• What is Blockchain: Distributed Transaction Log and Consensus
• Decentralization of Ledgers and Centralization Weakness (Bitcoin e.g)
• Use Cases for Blockchain
• Publication Components of Blockchain; its Middle-Ware
• Trusted Authorities and Broker Replacement (Shipping e.g.)
• Edge Computing and Blockchain Examples
• Data Responsibility and Local Blockchains
• Blockchain Technology Partners Open Source Model and Technology

Aaron Delp on Focus of Data, IoT, and Open Source

Joining us this week is Aaron Delp, Director of Technical Solutions, Cohesity. Aaron and Brian Gracely manage the well-known podcast, The Cloudcast, with over 340 podcasts.

• Data returns to the data center in data transformation
• Best of breed world and impact of refresh cycles on hardware and software
• Data in the edge and hardware processors at the edge
• Latency issues for long haul data center(s) storage & Metadata about location
• Fragmented market coming for multi-vendor IoT processing?
• Is open source a good model for vendors? Issue on monetization of open source
o Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
• Commercial drivers impact on open source sustainability
• Community vs Ecosystem

Mark Imbriaco on SRE, Edge, and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Mark Imbriaco, Global CTO DevOps, Pivotal. Mark’s view of ops and open source from a platform perspective as it relates to SRE offers listeners a high-level approach to these concepts that is not often heard.

• Site Reliability Engineering – Introduction and Advanced Discussion
• Edge Computing from Platform View
• Open Source Projects vs Products and Sustainability
• Monetization of Open Source Matters

John Willis on Docker, Open Source Financing Challenges and Industry Failures

Joining us this week is John Willis, VP DevOps and Digital Practices, SJ Technologies known for many things including being at the initial DevOps meeting in Europe, co-founder of the DevOpsDays events, and the DevOps Café podcast.

• Introduction to the Phoenix Project and the new audio Beyond the Phoenix Project
• Docker discussion and the issues around its success based on the ecosystem success
• Docker vs operation split for two different audiences
• Issue of sustaining open source technology and lack of financing to support this
• Revenue arc vs viral adoption for open source model
• Three reasons to choose open source model for software