Daniel Bartholomew on developer applications running at the edge today

Joining us this week is Daniel Bartholomew, CTO and Founder of Section.

About Section

Section offers a developer-centric, multi-purpose Edge PaaS solution that empowers web application engineers to run any workload, anywhere. Built to give developers the flexibility and control that they need, Section’s edge platform is infrastructure agnostic (cloud, on-premise, self-hosted), edge workload agnostic (caching, HTTP optimization, IoT, big data), and has changed the dynamics of traditional CDN and cloud.


  • Background of Section from CDN to Edge
  • How Section works
  • Developer Issues in Building for Edge Scale

Janakiram MSV on Device Edge and Management with Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Janakiram MSV, founder and principal analyst at Janakiram & Associates.

• Three Flavors of Edge with Focus on Device Edge
• Who Builds Edge? Cloud Providers, Telcos, …
• Is Kubernetes the Management Foundation for Edge

Sheng Liang of Rancher talks Kubernetes, Docker, and Edge

Sheng Liang, Founder and CEO of Rancher joins the podcast this week.

• Develop on Docker Deploy on Kubernetes
• Edge IT Infrastructure Use Cases and Kubernetes
• Kubernetes as a Platform and Future Enhancements
• Rancher OS Discussion

Dave Blakey of Snapt on Radically Different ADC

Joining us this week is Dave Blakey, CEO and Co-Founder Snapt.

About Snapt

Snapt develops high-end solutions for application delivery. We provide load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for critical services.

Ian Rae talks Cloud, Innovation, and Updates from Google Next 2018

Joining us this week is Ian Rae, CEO and Founder CloudOps who recorded the podcast during the Google Next conference in 2018.

Scott Lowe on Heptio, its Kubernetes Strategy and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Scott Lowe, Staff Field Engineer at Heptio recorded at Interop ITX 2018. Scott is well known for his impact on virtualization and VMware, follow him at his weblog and podcast called The Full Stack Journey.

• Coming new to container space and view of infrastructure within the stack
• Why he chose Heptio and its transition up the stack away from virtualization
• Heptio strategy? Open source based
• Commercial strategy to support open source in Kubernetes
• Monetization of open source projects challenges
• Building applications to run on “standard” Kubernetes

Jordan Rinke on Open Source, Kubernetes, & Edge Computing

Joining us this week is Jordan Rinke, Principal Software Engineer, Walmart Labs. Jordan offers his views on various technologies and open source projects as it relates to the scale and connectivity issues faced by Walmart.

• Technical Gaps in Kubernetes Technologies and Installer Issues
• Tooling and Orchestration Focus for Kubernetes and Other Tools
• Core OS Model for Bootstrapping Kubernetes
• Discussion on Immutability: Middle Ground for Jordan
• Edge Computing – Emerging markets lead to disconnected edge sites
• Data location challenges in edge and cloud services
• Skills issues for medium sized clusters

Justin Garrison on Cloud Native Infrastructure, Immutability, Observability and Much More

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Justin Garrison, co-author of Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI).

• Behind scenes for O’Reilly book and choice of cover animal
• Infrastructure and CNI approach
• State and Immutability / Immutable VM
• Terraform and Kubernetes
• Observability
• The Why of Immutability
• Infrastructure as Software (Netflix)
• Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps

Oliver Gould on Service Mesh, Containers, and Edge

Joining us this week is Oliver Gould, CTO Buoyant who provides a service mesh abstraction view to micro-services and Kubernetes. Oliver and Rob also take a look at how applications are managed at the edge and highlights the future roadmap for Conduit.

• Defining microservices and Kubernetes from Buoyant viewpoint
• Service mesh abstractions at a request level (load balance, get, put, …)
• Conduit overview – client-side load balancing
• Service mesh tool comparisons
• Edge Computing discussion from service mesh view

James Ferguson on Kubernetes and the future as an Application Platform

Joining us this week is James Ferguson, Director of Cloud Consulting, JBC Labs.

• Overview of JBC Labs’ Jump Box Central Kubernetes Solution
• State of Kubernetes Today
• Concept of Kubernetes as an Application Platform
• Functions as a Service
• Service Mesh and Kubernetes