James Urquhart on Edge Computing and Flow Evolution

Joining us this week is James Urquhart, Executive Technical Advisor, VMware

James offers additional thoughts to his recent post “Edge Computing and Flow Evolution” on InfoQ. (www.infoq.com/articles/edge-flow-evolution/)

James book can be pre-ordered at www.amazon.com/Flow-Architecture…ion/dp/1492075892

Chris Love and Jay Vyas on their NEW Book, Core Kubernetes

Joining us for this week’s podcast is Jay Vyas, Member of Technical Staff at VMware and Chris Love, Principle Engineer with LionKube.

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Jay and Chris have just published a new book, Core Kubernetes available at www.manning.com/books/core-kubernetes.

About the book
Core Kubernetes is a reference guide designed to teach operators, SREs, and developers how to improve reliability and performance of Kubernetes-based systems. In it, Kubernetes experts Chris Love and Jay Vyas provide a guided tour through all major aspects of Kubernetes, from managing iptables to setting up dynamically scaled clusters that respond to changes in load. You’ll understand the unique security concerns of container-based applications, discover tips to minimize costly unused capacity, and get pro tips for maximizing performance. This awesome collection of undocumented internals, expert techniques, and practical guidance has invaluable information you won’t find anywhere else.

Chris Short from Red Hat talks Operators and Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Chris Short, Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat.

Chris is also a Cloud Native Ambassador at CNCF as well as the author or DevOps’ish & KubeWeekly.

Lee Liu from LogDNA talks logging in the age of Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Lee Liu, CTO and Co-Founder, LogDNA.

About LogDNA

LogDNA is a log management company for the future of business. LogDNA enables petabytes of data from disparate locations (public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, hybrid, IoT and PoS) to be parsed and searched super-fast.

State of the Edge 2020 Recap

Co-hosts Stephen Spector and Rob Hirschfeld discuss the newly released State of the Edge 2020 report as well as some thoughts on the recent cancellation of Mobile World Congress.

Ed Kuzemchak on Fog, Edge and Networking for IoT

Joining us this week is Ed Kuzemchak, CTO and Director, Embedded and IoT Engineering at Software Design Solutions.

About Software Design Solutions

Software Design Solutions provides consulting and embedded software development services. We use our knowledge and expertise to solve problems at every stage of application development. Companies can either hand off projects for us to develop for them, or we can join the existing customer team to provide experienced engineers with little or no ramp time. They can also leverage our decades of embedded software expertise to learn new best practices in agile embedded software development.

NEW EdgeLab Project – Raspberry Pi Developer Infra for Edge Testing

Rob Hirschfeld announces the new EdgeLab project (edgelab.digital) for developers looking to build an inexpensive edge infrastructure solution to test basic edge computing concepts. The project is on GitHub and contributions are welcome.

Eric Wright Offers Tech Thoughts for the New Year on Edge and Cloud

Eric Wright, Director Technical Marketing and Evangelist at Turbonomic offers his end of year thoughts for the state of technology. He is also a well known podcaster at DiscoPosse.

Niraj from Kasten on Kubernetes Ecosystem and Multi-Clusters

Joining us is Niraj Tolia, CEO of Kasten to discuss his thoughts on the recent KubeCon, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and multi-cluster deployments.

KubeCon Recap and Thoughts on Google Stadia

Rob offers his thoughts on the recent KubeCon event in San Diego as well as the recent reviews of the Google Stadia Gaming deployment.