Edge Computing

James Urquhart on Edge Computing and Flow Evolution

Joining us this week is James Urquhart, Executive Technical Advisor, VMware

James offers additional thoughts to his recent post “Edge Computing and Flow Evolution” on InfoQ. (www.infoq.com/articles/edge-flow-evolution/)

James book can be pre-ordered at www.amazon.com/Flow-Architecture…ion/dp/1492075892

Gideon Rottem from Deeyook on their Patented Positioning Technology

Joining us this week is Gideon Rottem, CEO and Founder of Deeyook.

About Deeyook
Deeyook seeks to redefine location technology through its patented, wireless-based firmware solution. The firmware can be installed in any WIFI/4G/5G radio access technology and it works by measuring angles of wireless transmissions, a first of its kind in the world of wireless tracking technology.

Simon Crosby of Swim.ai Upends Our Thinking on Edge and Developing Apps for the Edge

This weeks guest is Simon Crosby, CTO at Swim.ai.

About Swim.ai
Swim was founded in 2015 by the creators of the open source swimOS platform. We developed the Swim platform as the best way to build intelligent real-time apps, without worrying about distributed hardware infrastructure and constantly wrangling distributed state. Swim is based in Campbell, CA and also has offices in Cambridge, UK.

Andrew Wertkin from BlueCat talks DNS at the Edge

Joining us this week is Andrew Wertkin, Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCat.

About BlueCat
BlueCat is the Adaptive DNS™ company. The company’s mission is to help the world’s largest organizations thrive on network complexity, from the edge to the core. To do this, BlueCat re-imagined DNS. The result – Adaptive DNS™ – is a dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated resource that supports the most challenging digital transformation initiatives, like adoption of hybrid cloud and rapid application development.

State of the Edge 2020 Recap

Co-hosts Stephen Spector and Rob Hirschfeld discuss the newly released State of the Edge 2020 report as well as some thoughts on the recent cancellation of Mobile World Congress.

Ed Kuzemchak on Fog, Edge and Networking for IoT

Joining us this week is Ed Kuzemchak, CTO and Director, Embedded and IoT Engineering at Software Design Solutions.

About Software Design Solutions

Software Design Solutions provides consulting and embedded software development services. We use our knowledge and expertise to solve problems at every stage of application development. Companies can either hand off projects for us to develop for them, or we can join the existing customer team to provide experienced engineers with little or no ramp time. They can also leverage our decades of embedded software expertise to learn new best practices in agile embedded software development.

NEW EdgeLab Project – Raspberry Pi Developer Infra for Edge Testing

Rob Hirschfeld announces the new EdgeLab project (edgelab.digital) for developers looking to build an inexpensive edge infrastructure solution to test basic edge computing concepts. The project is on GitHub and contributions are welcome.

Eric Wright Offers Tech Thoughts for the New Year on Edge and Cloud

Eric Wright, Director Technical Marketing and Evangelist at Turbonomic offers his end of year thoughts for the state of technology. He is also a well known podcaster at DiscoPosse.

Mark Thiele Talks 2020 with Open Source, Edge and Trends

Mark Thiele joins the L8istSh9y to talk the future of our industry and how previous open source projects like OpenStack offer us a chance to do things differently with new projects like Kubernetes.

Niraj from Kasten on Kubernetes Ecosystem and Multi-Clusters

Joining us is Niraj Tolia, CEO of Kasten to discuss his thoughts on the recent KubeCon, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and multi-cluster deployments.