Michael DeHaan on the new Vespene project and Open Source Licensing

Joining us this week is Michael DeHaan from, a modern, streamlined build and self-service automation platform.


  • Vespene Introduction ~ only 3 month old project
  • Open Source Licensing ~ is there a crisis?
  • How best to run an Open Source Project

Sheng Liang of Rancher talks Kubernetes, Docker, and Edge

Sheng Liang, Founder and CEO of Rancher joins the podcast this week.

• Develop on Docker Deploy on Kubernetes
• Edge IT Infrastructure Use Cases and Kubernetes
• Kubernetes as a Platform and Future Enhancements
• Rancher OS Discussion

David Linthicum on State of Cloud Computing

Rob Hirschfeld talks with David Linthiucm, SVP Cloud Technology Partners on a variety of Cloud related topics including DevOps, Containers, Edge Computing, etc.