Data Center

Calsoft on the value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing

Joining us this week is Pavan Gupta, Software Architect andKiran Divekar, Software Architect from Calsoft.


  • NFV Overview and Importance in Telecom  
  • NFV Usage and Use Cases
  • Edge Service Delivery

Quick Chat: Time Constraints on Operations Teams

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/Co-Founder of RackN and Greg Althaus, CTO/Co-Founder of RackN have a short discussion of the issue faced by DevOps and Operations teams finding time to investigate new technologies that could improve their day to day capabilities. In this discussion, time is more important than money.

Jason Hoffman on Edge and Joyent Reflections

Joining us this week is Jason Hoffman, CEO MobiledgeX, a startup “creating a global marketplace for organizations to deliver and drive the business of these edge enabled services and products.”

Matt Trifiro talks Jitter, Real Estate and Augmented Reality for Edge

Joining us this week is Matt Trifiro, CMO of Matt offers insight into how Edge infrastructure and 5G will be deployed to meet the increased demand for low latency, high data distributed technology.

• Edge is a place: the last mile network
• Jitter at the Edge (Jitter definition)
• Data sovereignty and location
• Apps for Edge have are not similar to existing apps for communication processes
• Edge as multi-vendor data sharing environment
• Real estate problem – solved by Akamai
• Vision of schedulers on keeping apps running vs keeping apps fast
• Cloud providers will extend into the Edge
• Augmented reality discussion of video and latency (Digital Twin)
• Importance of 5G to Edge and commercial impact
• Real estate is key in Edge computing
• Building and Managing Edge infrastructure
• What does Vapor do?

Aaron Delp on Focus of Data, IoT, and Open Source

Joining us this week is Aaron Delp, Director of Technical Solutions, Cohesity. Aaron and Brian Gracely manage the well-known podcast, The Cloudcast, with over 340 podcasts.

• Data returns to the data center in data transformation
• Best of breed world and impact of refresh cycles on hardware and software
• Data in the edge and hardware processors at the edge
• Latency issues for long haul data center(s) storage & Metadata about location
• Fragmented market coming for multi-vendor IoT processing?
• Is open source a good model for vendors? Issue on monetization of open source
o Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
• Commercial drivers impact on open source sustainability
• Community vs Ecosystem

Stephen O’Donnell on Massively Scaled Datacenters and Edge Service Layers for Innovation

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Stephen O’Donnell, Senior Analyst for Global Hive and author of What Every CIO Wants. He focuses on several interesting topics:

• Building Massively Scalable Datacenters
• What is the Edge? Complete 25 Use Case Definition
• Enterprise Datacenters Move to Edge
• Layering Solutions on Edge Services