While Digital Rebar is an integrated composable automation platform, RackN recommends starting your SRE journey with one immediate target.

Mix and Match Tools and Infrastructures

Beyond basic provisioning and deployment, Digital Rebar provides completely integrated automation from metal to platforms and beyond.  Our unique composable approach allows you to mix-and-match a wide range of infrastructures and tools into a single management abstraction.


  • Single command to tear down full systems and reset
  • Hybrid so you you can mix cloud and physical systems with the same automation
  • User authentication with available SSO
  • Multi-tenant allows you can share use of lab gear or integrate permission into corporate workflow
  • An Integrated PKI to create per-deployment TLS zones with root rotation
  • Event driven capabilities allow mixing with ticketing and external systems
  • Network configuration and topology mapping automatically sets bridges, teams and VLANs on the correct NICs even when mixing hardware types
  • Disk inventory includes speeds so you can automate the correct drive functions
  • IPv6 native integrations

Explore Other Aspects of Digital Rebar

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