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Our Team

Rob Hirschfeld

Co-Founder / CEO. RackN

Rob has been in the cloud and infrastructure space for nearly 15 years and has done everything from working with early ESX betas to serving four terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board and as an executive at Dell. As a co-founder of the Digital Rebar project, Rob created a new generation of DevOps orchestration to leverage the containers and service-oriented ops. He believes that the technology of running data centers and applications on cloud is just part of the bigger story (Rob’s Blog). He trained as an Industrial Engineer and carries a passion for applying Lean and Agile processes to software delivery.  Twitter



Stephen Spector

Sr. Director Digital Marketing, Edge Gravity by Ericsson

Stephen is a leader in the open source and cloud industry having been the community manager of Xen.org and OpenStack. Prior to joining Edge Gravity, he was the CMO of RackN and Cloud Evangelist for both Dell and HP/HPE. Having spent almost 15 years at Citrix Systems, Stephen was instrumental in founding the Citrix Developer Network, Citrix Ready Program as well as managing the Citrix Business Alliance and Technology Licensing Program. Unknown to many, he was once a software engineering working many years on unreleased software projects. Twitter




Who We Are

As avid open source enthusiasts, we have chosen to provide a non-commercial information podcast as a way of giving back. We seek out innovative solutions from both startups and large corporations to share the “latest shiny objects” that technologists are obsessed about.

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