Month: January 2019

Mark Collier talks in-depth on the OpenStack Community and the Major Open Source Issues of the Day

Joining us this week is Mark Collier, Chief Operating Officer, OpenStack Foundation.  

About OpenStack Foundation

The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally, across a community of 100,000 individuals in 187 countries, by hosting open source projects and communities of practice, including datacenter cloud, edge computing, NFV, CI/CD and container infrastructure.


  • Status of OpenStack from OpenStack Summit Berlin  
  • State of Open Source from Licensing and Sustainability Perspective
  • History of Big Tent and Learnings for New Direction Moving Forward
  • Running OpenStack Foundation and Open Source Challenges
  • Multiple Open Source Projects working Together
  • Open Infrastructure Projects

The Open Infrastructure Summit that Mark mentioned will be held in Denver, Colorado from April 29-May 1. Registration is currently open.


Sabjeet Johal on Hybrid Clouds, AWS Outpost and More

Joining us this week is Sarbjeet Johal, Principal Advisor, The Batchery.

About The Batchery
Founded in 2015, The Batchery is an Berkeley-based global incubator for seed stage entrepreneurs ready to take their startup to the next level. We are a community of veteran investors and advisers ready to provide you with ideas, insights, and networks. Our partnerships with law firms, technology providers, and other startup services means that you start building your company the minute you join us.

• Latest in Data Centers and Hybrid Clouds
• Amazon Announcement on Outpost and ReInvent Thoughts
• Design Approaches of Cloud and Future Technology