Month: November 2018

Michael DeHaan on the new Vespene project and Open Source Licensing

Joining us this week is Michael DeHaan from, a modern, streamlined build and self-service automation platform.


  • Vespene Introduction ~ only 3 month old project
  • Open Source Licensing ~ is there a crisis?
  • How best to run an Open Source Project

Janakiram MSV on Device Edge and Management with Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Janakiram MSV, founder and principal analyst at Janakiram & Associates.

• Three Flavors of Edge with Focus on Device Edge
• Who Builds Edge? Cloud Providers, Telcos, …
• Is Kubernetes the Management Foundation for Edge

Dean Bubley on Power Consumption and Moose Detection Algorithms at the Edge

Joining us this week is Dean Bubley, founder and director at Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm.

• Challenges of Power Requirements for Edge (Giga-Watts vs Milli-Watts)
• Single Vendor vs Shared Data at the Edge
• Shipping Container Takeover of All Things

This podcast is based on a recent article by Dean on NETMANIAS, Network-based Edge-Computing: Overhyped & Underpowered?

Edge Infrastructure Talk Not Given at OpenStack Summit Berlin

Rob Hirschfeld was not able to attend the OpenStack Summit Berlin this November and present his talk on Edge Infrastructure. Instead, Rob has recorded his key messages about Edge Infrastructure focused on automation, limited access, and unskilled physical management.


Sheng Liang of Rancher talks Kubernetes, Docker, and Edge

Sheng Liang, Founder and CEO of Rancher joins the podcast this week.

• Develop on Docker Deploy on Kubernetes
• Edge IT Infrastructure Use Cases and Kubernetes
• Kubernetes as a Platform and Future Enhancements
• Rancher OS Discussion

IBM Purchases Red Hat – Our Thoughts

Discussion on the recent announcement that IBM is planning to acquire Red Hat.


EdgeCongress 2018 Austin Recap

Review of the EdgeCongress event held October 24 – 25 in Austin, TX 2018.

Rob Lalonde on HPC in the Cloud, Machine Learning and Autonomous Cars

Joining us this week is Rob Lalonde, VP & General Manager, Navops at Univa.

About Univa

Univa is the leading independent provider of software-defined computing infrastructure and workload orchestration solutions.

Univa’s intelligent cluster management software increases efficiency while accelerating enterprise migration to hybrid clouds. We help hundreds of companies to manage thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day.