Month: March 2018

Blockchain Technology Partners on their Startup and Key Issues of Blockchain

Joining us this week is the team from Blockchain Technology Partners: Duncan-Johnston-Watt, Kevin O’Donnell, and Mike Zaccardo live from GlueCon 2018 in Colorado.

Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based technology startup:
• Mission – to radically simplify the enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies
• Goal – to reduce the cost and complexity of doing business through decentralization while ensuring trust, transparency and accountability in a distributed world
• Focus – providing a production-ready blockchain platform and partnering with businesses to deliver blockchain-based solutions

• Who is Blockchain Technology Partners and Company Objectives
• What is Blockchain: Distributed Transaction Log and Consensus
• Decentralization of Ledgers and Centralization Weakness (Bitcoin e.g)
• Use Cases for Blockchain
• Publication Components of Blockchain; its Middle-Ware
• Trusted Authorities and Broker Replacement (Shipping e.g.)
• Edge Computing and Blockchain Examples
• Data Responsibility and Local Blockchains
• Blockchain Technology Partners Open Source Model and Technology

Simon Crosby on Revolutionary Architecture Requirements for Edge

Joining us this week is Simon Crosby, CTO at SWIM.AI. Simon discusses the architecture for Edge and its differences from existing cloud infrastructure and how the SWIM.AI solution meets the needs for Edge services.

• Challenges in Edge
• Data is Complete Disruption in Current Models
• Don’t Train in Cloud for Edge; Instead Learn on Fly
• All About Data – Apps can’t be Written for Data Specifically
• Example of Sensor Model at Traffic Light in Self-Learning Model
• Digital Twin Concept & Actor Model
• SWIM.AI Innovation ~ always as though its local
• Independent Management of Latency and Resource Utilization
• Write the Program from the Data
• Example of Manufacturer with Millions of RFID Tags
• Limitations of Having People Involved in Everything

Matt Trifiro talks Jitter, Real Estate and Augmented Reality for Edge

Joining us this week is Matt Trifiro, CMO of Matt offers insight into how Edge infrastructure and 5G will be deployed to meet the increased demand for low latency, high data distributed technology.

• Edge is a place: the last mile network
• Jitter at the Edge (Jitter definition)
• Data sovereignty and location
• Apps for Edge have are not similar to existing apps for communication processes
• Edge as multi-vendor data sharing environment
• Real estate problem – solved by Akamai
• Vision of schedulers on keeping apps running vs keeping apps fast
• Cloud providers will extend into the Edge
• Augmented reality discussion of video and latency (Digital Twin)
• Importance of 5G to Edge and commercial impact
• Real estate is key in Edge computing
• Building and Managing Edge infrastructure
• What does Vapor do?

Chris Short on SRE, DevSecOps, Pipelines, Immutability, and Kubernetes

Joining us this week is Chris Short, Senior DevOps Advocate, SJ Technologies. Chris is also a CNCF Ambassador managing an excellent newsletter, DevOps’ish.

• Site Reliability Engineering & DevOps relationship & philosophy
• SRE details in budgets, toil, and security
• Pipeline infrastructure, configuration management, and immutability
• Cultural aspects of DevOps
• Why Kubernetes? Ecosystems? Build for Kubernetes apps
• SaaS vs Licensing models (answer to all things software)

Jordan Rinke on Open Source, Kubernetes, & Edge Computing

Joining us this week is Jordan Rinke, Principal Software Engineer, Walmart Labs. Jordan offers his views on various technologies and open source projects as it relates to the scale and connectivity issues faced by Walmart.

• Technical Gaps in Kubernetes Technologies and Installer Issues
• Tooling and Orchestration Focus for Kubernetes and Other Tools
• Core OS Model for Bootstrapping Kubernetes
• Discussion on Immutability: Middle Ground for Jordan
• Edge Computing – Emerging markets lead to disconnected edge sites
• Data location challenges in edge and cloud services
• Skills issues for medium sized clusters

Aaron Delp on Focus of Data, IoT, and Open Source

Joining us this week is Aaron Delp, Director of Technical Solutions, Cohesity. Aaron and Brian Gracely manage the well-known podcast, The Cloudcast, with over 340 podcasts.

• Data returns to the data center in data transformation
• Best of breed world and impact of refresh cycles on hardware and software
• Data in the edge and hardware processors at the edge
• Latency issues for long haul data center(s) storage & Metadata about location
• Fragmented market coming for multi-vendor IoT processing?
• Is open source a good model for vendors? Issue on monetization of open source
o Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
• Commercial drivers impact on open source sustainability
• Community vs Ecosystem

Christine Yen on 2nd Wave of DevOps and Listening to Users at a Startup

Joining us this week is Christine Yen, Co-founder at Honeycomb coming from a recording at SRECon Americas in March 2018 at Santa Clara Convention Center Hyatt.

• Understanding of what developer tools are today
• Observability vs Monitoring
• Instrumenting Apps for Diagnostics to help Developers do More
• Tool to build not just better engineers but teams as well to support customers
• Brief history of Honeycomb and where it came from (Parse and Facebook)
• How debug containers that are most likely gone by time problem arises?
• AI / Machine Learning – can it really help today?
• 2nd Wave of DevOps
• Impact of listening to users at a startup – people problems vs technology

Chetan Venkatesh talks Edge, IoT, and Dishwashers as a Service

Joining us this week is Chetan Venkatesh, CEO/President of Macrometa, a stealth startup. Chetan is actively engaged in the data issues for edge computing and provides insight into the reality of edge computing and its changes in application development and delivery.

• Overview of Edge Computing and Chetan’s 3 Edges
• Internet of things, gateways and data aggregation
• Can Telcos compete against cloud providers?
• How apps handle massive scale? Developer’s support? Distributed architecture?
• Multi-tenancy impact on edge infrastructure?
• Re-think where data resides to support user location
• What is possible with IoT is unknown
• What are the first movers in the edge computing space?

Baruch Sadogursky on Pipeline, Immutability, and Edge

Joining us this week is Baruch Sadogursky, Head of Developer Relations at JFrog. Baruch is an industry veteran in management of complex software and is a fantastic event speaker; I highly recommend attending his sessions at a future event. Short promotion for JFrog Swamp Up (May 16 – 18, 2018)

• Short overview of JFrog and its relationship to CI/CD pipelines
• Discussion of immutability (shifting left) in deployment paradigms
• Metadata and the impact of scale (Toyota Manufacturing Model)
• How can I update software components with confidence?
• Distributed programming and impact of edge computing

Mark Imbriaco on SRE, Edge, and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Mark Imbriaco, Global CTO DevOps, Pivotal. Mark’s view of ops and open source from a platform perspective as it relates to SRE offers listeners a high-level approach to these concepts that is not often heard.

• Site Reliability Engineering – Introduction and Advanced Discussion
• Edge Computing from Platform View
• Open Source Projects vs Products and Sustainability
• Monetization of Open Source Matters