Month: January 2018

One Year Podcast Recap with Rob and Stephen

In this recap, Rob Hirschfeld and Stephen Spector look back over the past year and 50 L8istSh9y podcasts. The discussion highlights the main themes of Edge Computing, DevOps and SRE, Open Source, and our new start into Blockchain. Follow our new Podcast blog at

James Ferguson on Kubernetes and the future as an Application Platform

Joining us this week is James Ferguson, Director of Cloud Consulting, JBC Labs.

• Overview of JBC Labs’ Jump Box Central Kubernetes Solution
• State of Kubernetes Today
• Concept of Kubernetes as an Application Platform
• Functions as a Service
• Service Mesh and Kubernetes

VM Brasseur gives the definitive overview of open source challenges

Joining us this week is VM (Vicky) Brasseur from Open Source Initiative.

Provisioning is not Provisioning

Rob Hirschfeld and Greg Althaus discuss their recent experiences with customers in truly understanding what provisioning is and what it is not. They even compare where the word provision comes from

Yves Boudreau on State of the Edge Report and Edge vs Cloud

Joining us this week is Yves Boudreau from Ericsson for his 2nd Podcast appearance (1st Podcast).

• Edge as an accelerant not having to wait until Edge is built completely
• Opportunity Cost using Edge as is; no time to wait
• Be Specific when Requesting Services
• Internet and Networks are Not Unlimited Pipes
• Interesting Use Cases for Edge – Augmented Reality, Drone, Cars, Batteries
o Jason Hoffman Podcast for Batteries
• Cost savings of where the data processing is done
• Open Source software communities at the Edge