Month: December 2017

Are you a Zebra or a Donkey? Chat on Recent IT News

Stephen Spector and Rob Hirschfeld offer commentary on the recent news about a Donkey in Egypt painted to be a Zebra at the local zoo. From this we have created the Donkey – Zebra concept of IT solutions, marketing and sales. Also add in a short discussion on a recent post that Google Cloud has an advantage in the marketplace because of open source; quick hint ~ we don’t buy it.

Richard Primeaux talks Robotics as a System

Joining us this week is Richard Primeaux, Head of Product and Strategy, Hangar Technology.

• Cars are the wrong choice for autonomous vehicles – test out on autonomous drones for infrastructure projects (e.g. new buildings, cell towers, …)
• Mission plans delivered to drone for execution as a robot
• What is a robot? Difficult – Dangerous – High Degree of Repeatability – Dull Tasks
• Robot is controlled from program that is run independent of a controller
• 4-D visual insights delivered to customers
• Robotics as a System ~ requires a great deal of components for success; not just electronics
• What an Edge infrastructure will look like to support these robots
• GPS accuracy is not enough for flying robotics
• Supporting external influences that happen in real time
• Building multi-vendor edges coordinating data
• Discussion on how car automation can learn from drone automation

Lack of Seriousness in Cybersecurity, Security thru Transparency, and Blockchain

Joining us this week is Mike D. Kail, previously the CTO of Cybric and Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure.

• RANT Cast on Cybersecurity Regulations from Governments
o Security is Important but NOT a Priority
• Culture around Security is Lacking
• Time for Security Tech to Include UI Testing and Consider User Experience
• Confusing on Not-Working Security Settings and Profit Motives
o Security thru Transparency
• Accountability of Provider in Turning off Security based on Requests
• Definition on Distributed Ledgers / Blockchain & Scalability Challenges
• Promise of Blockchain and Good Application for It / Digital Identity
• Zero Trust Security Overview
• Equifax Example and Regulation

Yadin Porter de León on critical open source community failings

Joining us this week is Yadin Porter de León (@porterdeleon), IT Community at Druva as well as from the Level Up Project and host of the Tech Village podcast.

” Open Source Communities and the People
” Relationship of Corporations in Open Source and Community
” Users of Open Source care about Community?
” Community’s should FOCUS and not overlap to adjacencies

Kong Yang on golden age of cloud, CI/CD and DevOps, and operator opportunity

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Kong Yang, Head Geek at SolarWinds. He also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast. Key topics discussed in the podcast:

” State of cloud computing ~ entering its golden age
” IT & business units coming together to deal with shadow IT responsibly
” Building technology on services with no control over them
” CI/CD model
” Operators skills and time available
” Human aspect

Eric Wright talks DevOpsishFullStackishness and Woke IT

Joining us this week is Eric Wright, Director Technical Marketing/Evangelist at Turbonomic and podcaster/evangelist at

” RANT on Cloud Terminology w/ new terms “DevOpsishFullStackishness” & “Woke IT”
” Open Source communities, vendors, and value of users
” Edge Computing – Definition, Turbonomic Role in Cloud/Edge
” Edge and Cloud are Hybrid – Embrace multiple paradigms including legacy
” Discussion of Go language and RackN usage

Nic Jackson on HashiCorp Product Philosophy in Open Source and Feature Minimization

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Nic Jackson, Developer Advocate, HashiCorp (@sheriffjackson). Nic provides insight into the product and development philosophy of HashiCorp and how it impacts their products and open source components. The last section of the podcast on product feature limitations and how companies go too far is very interesting.

” HashiCorp Overview and Design Philosophy of their Solutions
” Company vs Community Open Source Comparison in Terraform
” Abstractions and Portability Failings
” Product Features and Doing Too Much

Gina Rosenthal (Minks) on Ops Challenges, Day 2 Ops Support, and Dev Ops Communication

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Gina Rosenthal (Minks), Product Marketing Manager, VMware and experienced sys-admin/operator. She also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast.

” Cloud debate on virtualization and hypervisors as requirement
” What makes Ops so hard?
” Technical Communities for Day 2 Ops
” Community Support for Vendors and Open Source
” Is DevOps different than 5 years ago?
” Devs and Operators Communication and Working Together

Paul Teich on Enterprise Security, Hardware Issues at Edge, Augmented Reality and 5G

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Paul Teich, Principal Analyst, Tirias Research. Paul offered his insight into several key industry trends as well as the recent Spectre and Meltdown discoveries.

* Spectre and Meltdown – Will this drive additional security focus?
* Augmented Reality and AI is the holy grail of Edge and Cloud
* Capabilities of 5G and its impact over next 10 years
* Why is Hyper Converged Infrastructure popular?

Jim Plamondon tells history of developer evangelism and so much more

Coming direct from Cambodia is a rare podcast with Jim Plamondon, the creator of how software platforms were built at Microsoft via APIs and developer evangelism. In this podcast, he talks about the early history of developer evangelism at Apple and Microsoft, the current state of open source, and the upcoming competitive industry coming from China and its roots in the third world.

* Soviet Agriculture and Technology Market Comparison
* Why NeXT and Apple Failed with Software Industry but iPhone Succeeded
* China Industry Takeover is Coming: Product Price Points

Books referenced in the podcast:
* Game of X v.1: Xbox (Volume 1) by Rusel DeMaria
* Game of X v.2: The Long Road to Xbox (Volume 2) by Rusel DeMaria

Note – If you are easily offended by language please consider skipping this podcast